Lick Skillet

Lick Skillet Cover

 Author: Virginia H. Jewell
Illustrator: Liz Jewell
Lanzer Printing Co.
Union City, TN

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Lick Skillet (entire book)

Introduction & Map
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Footprints
Chapter 2: Columbus
Chapter 3: Civil War
Chapter 4: Clinton College
Chapter 5: Marvin College
Chapter 6: Telephony
Chapter 7: The River
Chapter 8: Places
Chapter 9: Education
Chapter 10: Religion
Chapter 11: Oaths
Chapter 12: Trains
Chapter 13: Star Mill
Chapter 14: Transportation
Chapter 15: Troubles
Chapter 16: Amusements
Chapter 17: The Depression
Chapter 18: People
Chapter 19: Tales
Chapter 20: Occupations
Chapter 21: Politics
Chapter 22: Remedies
Chapter 23: Crafts
Chapter 24: Yesterday

Original Draft of “The Red River Special” (p. 245-248)

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